Experts on various aspects of tax and regulatory compliance who work with perfect coordination to chalk out strategies to reduce compliance risk. In addition, clients also enjoy cost savings on account of management time saved and reduced litigation expenditure. Our team also keeps abreast with the dynamics of the business, tax and regulatory environment and educates clients about amendments and insights through a series of updates and alerts.

1) Subscription Model:

If you have work for a set number of hours each month, then you can buy resource time on a monthly basis (40 /80 /160 hours/month). We will assign one assistant to you with whom you can work with on a one-to-one basis

2) Retainer Model:

If your need for an assistant is sporadic and unpredictable, but you prefer to use the same assistant or a trained backup so that you don’t have to invest more time in training, then you can pay a retainer fee and use our services for any task whenever you wish.

3) Fixed Bid Project:

If your assignment can be well-defined and the scope clearly understood with a definite finishing date, then the fixed bid project model is the appropriate one to select.

4) Hourly Projects :

If you don’t have regular work and want to try out our services; or use our services for only for a month or so, then we offer you the flexibility of buying a block of hours as per your requirement by paying in advance before the beginning of the project. Upon request a utilization report/time sheet will be provided with the time utilized for your assignment.


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